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Meet UGreen Technology

Our success is propelled by the diverse and talented individuals at the core of UGreen Technology. Gaurav Dwivedi, our visionary Founder and CEO, guides the company towards new heights with a wealth of experience and a forward-thinking mindset. Tridib Sinha, our accomplished Founder and CTO, oversees technological advancements, ensuring UGreen remains at the forefront of innovation. Complementing their leadership is our dedicated R&D team, Design team, and Marketing team, each playing a crucial role in driving our commitment to excellence. Together, we form a dynamic force shaping the future of technology and creating products that resonate with users worldwide. Join the UGreen revolution, where innovation meets expertise, and experience technology in a whole new light.

Meet The Team

Gaurav Dwivedi

Founder & CEO

Gaurav, a seasoned entrepreneur with nearly 5 years of experience, brings a unique blend of business acumen and technical expertise. His 5-year journey in the ecosystem, combined with a B.Tech in petroleum engineering, equips him with a distinct advantage to excel in both business and technical aspects.

Tridib Sinha

Founder, CTO

a Ph.D. holder in materials science from IIT Kharagpur, boasts over 16 years of extensive national and international industry experience. His deep expertise in materials and chemistry renders him the ideal candidate for this role.

Anuesh Pattnaik

Divyanshi Adlakha

Geetanjali Harsh

Pratik Raj Kar

Hardik Rawat

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