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Revolutionizing Carbon Capture Solutions In India

We do Molecular Engineering to enhance the reactivity of CO2


Resulting in a cost effective and highly efficient Carbon Capturing.

Direct Air Capture

Flue Gas Capture and Utilization

Carbon Consultancy


The Range of Products solving Carbon Capture.

This is where we make the Difference

We specialize in developing a diverse range of value-added products, effectively transforming waste into wealth.

Value Added Products

Our technology operates on a

zero-wastage principle, leading to enhanced environmental sustainability and a greener approach to capturing resources.

Zero Wastage

Through our innovative approach, we have significantly enhanced CO2 reactivity resolution, resulting in a substantial increase in capture efficiency.

High Capturing Efficiency

By employing molecular engineering techniques, we've achieved a phenomenal reduction in both capital expenditure (CaPex) and operational expenditure (OPex) while enhancing CO2 reactivity.

Low OpEx

We Stand Prepared For Decarbonization


UGreen Technology Private Limited innovates and addresses Low-Carbon Solutions with a commitment to alleviate carbon footprints and decarbonize the atmosphere with a synchronized advance in our unique technology and novelties.


We bring our expertise to multiple construction sectors, developing the industry's future and redefining what is possible, one project at a time.

Why now?

UGreen Technology

The urgency of decarbonization cannot be overstated. With every passing day, our planet inches closer to a perilous tipping point. The relentless burning of fossil fuels, industrial processes, and deforestation have led to an alarming increase in greenhouse gas emissions, primarily CO2.

The Urgency Of Decarbonization: A Global Imperative


At UGreen Technology, we were driven to act. We recognized the imperative of decarbonization and the need for innovative solutions to curb CO2 emissions. Our founding principle is clear: we aim to capture and store CO2 emissions, preventing their release into the atmosphere.

Our Resolve: Capturing CO2 For A Sustainable Future


The international community has set a crucial benchmark - limiting global temperature rise to 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels. Yet, even this seemingly modest increase can have catastrophic consequences. The danger zone lies beyond these 2 degrees, where the effects of climate change become increasingly severe and irreversible.

Two Degrees And Beyond: The Danger Zone




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